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The Guardian explains – it’s really the 99.99%.

via The Guardian


When Americans are asked how US wealth is distributed, they think the very richest fifth should own up to 40% of the national wealth – and that includes 90% of Republicans surveyed. In fact, that richest group owns 85% of the nation’s wealth. Those surveyed also thought the bottom 120 million people should own around 10% of the national wealth. The reality: 0.3%.

Resign, Linda Katehi. Resign.

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi authorized police action against peaceful political protesters – against her own students. Watch what she put in motion:

Faced with numerous calls for (<- sign the petition) her resignation, she initially responded by saying “I don’t believe it is appropriate for me to resign at this point, really.” That hasn’t satisfied the UC Davis community, whose students protested Katehi in what I think was the most eloquent and damning way possible – with silence.

Katehi is now calling the police action she authorized “chilling”. The police officers who sprayed the students have been placed on “administrative leave”. Personally, I think they should be in jail – I also think Katehi’s time is nearly over.


The President of the University of California, Mark G. Yudof, has finally spoken up:

I am appalled by images of University of California students being doused with pepper spray and jabbed with police batons on our campuses.

I intend to convene all 10 chancellors, either in person or by telephone, to engage in a full and unfettered discussion about how to ensure proportional law enforcement response to non-violent protest.
To that end, I will be asking the chancellors to forward to me at once all relevant protocols and policies already in place on their individual campuses, as well as those that apply to the engagement of non-campus police agencies through mutual aid agreements.
Further, I already have taken steps to assemble experts and stakeholders to conduct a thorough, far-reaching and urgent assessment of campus police procedures involving use of force, including post-incident review processes.
My intention is not to micromanage our campus police forces. The sworn officers who serve on our campuses are professionals dedicated to the protection of the UC community.
Nor do I wish to micromanage the chancellors. They are the leaders of our campuses and they have my full trust and confidence.
Nonetheless, the recent incidents make clear the time has come to take strong action to recommit to the ideal of peaceful protest.
As I have said before, free speech is part of the DNA of this university, and non-violent protest has long been central to our history. It is a value we must protect with vigilance. I implore students who wish to demonstrate to do so in a peaceful and lawful fashion. I expect campus authorities to honor that right.

Frankly, I’m not sure this is strong enough a response. I guess we’ll see…

Joe McElderry: Ambitions

I know, I know – Perez Hilton. What am I thinking?! But he’s the only one that has this video legally in the U.S. right now, and I love it. It’s Joe McElderry’s first video for his upcoming album, Ambitions.

All The Lovers

Kylie Minogue has always been one of my favorite female artists, and this latest video, All The Lovers, hits it out of the park again.

More Saint Fujita

Saw this posted at Towleroad. He’s cute :P


While I consider myself and Agnostic rather than an Atheist, I think this video defends my beliefs as well. Give it a look.

AMC Calls Robert Gibbs Bluff

I’m guessing that fear of the Rachel Maddow / Anna Marie Cox double whammy keeps poor Robert Gibbs up all night. Check out this segment of Maddow’s show where she details Ana Marie Cox calling the White House on its DADT BS yet again. I swear, the woman should have been a trial lawyer.

White House Spokesman Lies About DADT

An Air America reporter, Ana Marie Cox, asked White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs a very pointed question yesterday: “Is their [Choi, Fehrenbach] dismissal a part of his national security strategy, or is their dismissal itself a threat to national security?” The best part is when Gibbs lies to her face and says that Obama is working with the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs on repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Just yesterday, pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said that A) there are no plans to end DADT, and B) there are no ongoing studies related to it.

As I said yesterday, Obama and his team are forgetting his promises, and seem to have no intention of taking action on DADT at all.