Perkins: Obama the Tyrant!

President Obama, via the Justice Department, finally filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief with the Supreme Court in support of the repeal of California’s Proposition 8. Tony Perkins would like you to believe that this makes President Obama a Tyrant – he’s the leader of a free nation, who is exercising his power to overturn a measure literally voted into law by the people of a state.

To the 7,001,084 Californians who exercised their constitutional right to protect marriage, the President’s decision is a deep betrayal of the democratic process and America’s identity of political diversity.

– Tony Perkins,  president of The Family Research Council.

Well, here’s the reality: 7,001,084 Californians perverted the democratic process in their state by using it to insert their personal and religious beliefs into the state constitution, therein disenfranchising a minority of their hard-won fundamental rights. They did this even though there was no rational basis for the law; the law was solely an implementation of legal discrimination based on religious beliefs.

President Obama is (finally) exercising his authority as President of the United State to defend and protect The Constitution of the United States, and the rights granted therein. If President Obama is a tyrant for filing a brief, The Emancipation Proclamation must have made President Lincoln the worst tyrant in the history of the world. By executive order, President Lincoln freed every slave in the South, against the express beliefs of half of the nation.

Eugene Delgaudio: homosexuals will make the Catholic Church unsafe for kids!

The self-appointed Public Advocate of the United States, Eugene Delgaudio, is terrified that the homos are about the make the Catholic Church unsafe for kids…

The self-appointed Public Advocate of the United States (and Supervisor for the Sterling District of Loudoun County, VA), Eugene Delgaudio, is terrified that the homos are about the make the Catholic Church unsafe for kids (I am barely restraining the snark, don’t push me).

Shortly after passage of homosexual “marriage,” Illinois started forcing Christian foster care and adoption groups to send their vulnerable children into the clutches of homosexual “couples.”
Knowing that marching their foster children into homes with sexual deviants was immoral and illegal, the Catholic Charities refused and filed legal suits to stop the state.
But that didn’t stop the radicals from immediately taking the children and giving them to amoral agencies who happily delivered them sexual perverts.
And even if the Catholic Charities are able to work their way through the political red tape and win in court, it will be too late for the children already stolen.

I was really just yawning until that very last word.


Because we homos don’t just pervert kids, we steal them from their boarding houses and group homes. Instead of allowing them to move, as needed, from foster “home” to foster “home”, we want to secret them away in gentrified communities, raise them as our own and put them through college. We might even go so far as to insist that they pack their clothes in matching suitcases, rather than plastic garbage bags! Oh, the horror!

Someone needs to organize a PAC to end this loony asshat’s career.

Plain & Simple: Maggie Gallagher & St. Peter.

This is the simple reality: so-called “Traditional Marriage” has changed and evolved so much over the centuries that a regression of only 50 years would yield a vastly different definition.

If you know me well, or perhaps study me for a bit (why would anyone do that?), you’ll know that I have an appreciation for simplicity. When addressing a problem, I break it down to its most simple realities. That’s probably why I love this video so much.

This is the simple reality: so-called “Traditional Marriage” has changed and evolved so much over the centuries that a regression of only 50 years would yield a vastly different definition. There is no statistical evidence that gay parents aren’t just as effective and loving as straight parents. Repeating the same inflammatory, baseless accusations doesn’t make them any less inflammatory or baseless.

Iowa, This Is Your Day

Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan
Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan

Across the state of Iowa this morning, registrars will be preparing to hand out marriage licenses to gay couples for this first time since August 31, 2007, when gay marriage was legal for 4 hours. Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan where the only gay couple to be married that day, but today they will be joined by hundreds, if not thousands, more same-sex couples.

One Iowa, the state’s largest LGBT rights organization, plans to monitor about 25% of all registrars using volunteer observers. The observers have been instructed to assist same-sex couples in navigating the legal process, and presumably, to keep tabs on the registrars. They have been instructed not to engage protesters.

Cute Gay Couple
Cute Gay Couple

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Hundreds of couples from across Iowa and some from other Midwestern states have reported to One Iowa their intentions to marry. It’s unclear how many of those couples will be marrying today. Couples and One Iowa will celebrate tonight with champagne and wedding cake in Des Moines, the county seat for Polk County, where the lower-court case, Varnum vs. Brien, was originally filed in 2005.”

I would love to be in Iowa today to witness so many LGBT people on what will probably be one of the happiest days of their lives. I’m hoping to find a photo stream somewhere, and if I do, I’ll share it with you.