Rick Perry Channels Ennis Del Mar, Spews Hate

It’s hard to believe Rick Perry can be so stupid, and take himself so seriously..

It’s hard to believe someone can be so stupid, and take himself so seriously.. Click on the “YouTube” button, and then click “dislike”. Just to get the bad taste out of your mouth –

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Backlash Against U.S. Consideration of Gay Rights in Foreign Aid Decisions Goes Global.

Yesterday, Nigeria became the first nation to spitefully increase persecution of LGBT citizens in response to the announcement that the United States will now consider a country’s Gay Rights record when doling out foreign aid.

In a direct and highly negative response to President Obama’s memorandum and Secretary Clinton’s announcement that the U.S. will consider a country’s Gay Rights record when foreign aid is requested, Nigeria’s House has passed an even more vicious version of the anti-gay bill recently passed by their Senate. Nigerian Lawmaker Zakari Mohammed pulled no punches:

We have a culture. We have religious beliefs and we have a tradition. We are black people. We are not white. [Same-sex marriage] is alien to our culture and we can never give it a chance. So if [Western nations] will hold their aid to us, to hell with them.

Nigerian Information Minister Labaran Maku elaborated further:

[W]e reserve the right to make our laws without apologies to other countries..
Some of the things that are considered fundamental rights abroad … can be very offensive to African culture.

With all due respect to Nigerian sovereignty, Minister Maku is speaking foolishly on both counts.

Never, in all of world history, has a nation made laws in a vacuum. If the U.S. wants to withhold aid, trade or diplomatic resources because of Nigeria’s human rights violations, we are perfectly within our rights (and in the right) to do so.
Furthermore, matters of human rights are the concern of every nation in the global village. “Culture” is not, and will never be, an excuse for human rights violations.

A new gay anthem: Gavin Creel – NOISE

Gavin Greel has written a new gay anthem, NOISE. It’s beautiful, touching and isn’t afraid to lay on a guilt-trip.

I’m not sure I would have had the courage to cut in footage of Tyler Clementi, Jamie Rodemeyer and the other young LGBT martyrs, but the power of the message is undeniable.

Hat-tip to AFER.