A Life Worth Living

I woke up this morning, and – as I typically do before rolling out of bed – checked my Facebook feed. A distant friend had shared a moment in his story – a moment of pain, and heartbreaking loss.

Unbidden, the first words that came to my mind after reading this post were “rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light.” The second thing that came to my mind was “I am so glad to be alive, even if this is my last day.”


Life can be painful, as this day is for him. Life is difficult, more often than not. Life can be boring, or stressful (or even both of those at once). But life can also be punctuated by moments of insight, acts of kindness, and gifts of love which stand in contrast to all of the rest like the brilliant arc of a rainbow against the gloom of a passing storm.

All I want is to keep finding those moments for myself, and giving them to others.